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Farook: Whisper I have lost mins I had almost 54k now I have 52k :( help whisper (11:52 PM 21-02-2017)       *** Administrator bingo+____+++ has unbanned {DXB}#N3V3R_G!V3_UP^^. Ban reason was: wall plz submit demo (10:53 AM 21-02-2017)       .::*KiT~KaT*::.: whisper i need to talk to you in my dpt chat :) (2:56 PM 21-02-2017)       Whisper: Silent killer and u r n3xt are no longer administrators. (2:52 PM 21-02-2017)       Farook: Server full of Wallers need admins plss come :(:(:@:(:(: (2:27 PM 21-02-2017)       4r74m: okay, 3rd try !!!! fingers crossed (9:38 PM 20-02-2017)       <WaRRioR> PLaYeR: @4r74m Try Deleting All The CS 1.6 Games/Files Your Having In Your PC And Restart...Then Download A Fresh Copy From The Website! (6:06 PM 20-02-2017)       <WaRRioR> PLaYeR: @Neo... 1) Eh If I Have Used Hacks I Wouldn't Be Still Playing In DPT! 2) You A Admin/GP/SP Or Do You Have A Immunity? Nope...As Long As That That OBVIOUS Nick Can Be Used -,-! 4) I Used The Nick "NEO" For A Purpose! 3) If You Really Wanna Claim The Nick "NEO"...You Might Have To Go Through Filips...(Might Be Easy For You With All Those Muscles :D *think* (6:03 PM 20-02-2017)       . . . cLassic . . .: do please the screenshot of shortcut properties (11:57 AM 20-02-2017)       4r74m: ...classic... ive done all of that. yet, i found nothing there :s:s:s (11:06 AM 20-02-2017)        [click to chat / post a photo]

Dubai Play Time invites everyone to the world of online counter-strike 1.6 gaming. We pledge to revive and maintain good-old-days counter-strike's gaming experience and promise to keep our server online as long as there is demand for this popular game. Whether you're a starter or expert, you will always have a place in our server.

You can always visit this website to get the server's IP Address. Feel free to navigate through the sections of this website via the links visible above. Enjoy your time :)

Whisper & the admins.

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