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Deadpool: Admins we have complain against this potato admin ahmed israr we need result ASAP. (3:45 PM 28-07-2017)       scream: {*ChALeNgEr*}, Mercy Warned You Several Times & You Were Begging For Mins Atm To Off Your wall (: (12:34 PM 28-07-2017)       .::* nO mErCy *::.: Hey ChALeNgEr. dont beg for unban here, the last time your argued with me of banning you unfairly... but we admins did not receive any demo yet. So dont beg to whisper for an unban :) I will always be there to stop u each time u join the server. Good Luck (4:00 AM 28-07-2017)       {*ChALeNgEr*}: Whisper Unban JDM-Dubai* please... (11:50 PM 27-07-2017)       {*ChALeNgEr*}: Noob Hacker up ali hacking Aimbot please admin make fake name and come (11:39 PM 27-07-2017)       +[!]-NoVa*_+: PLSSS add SOME NEW MAPS!!!!! (8:55 PM 27-07-2017)       R3V3NG3R: And nook you're hurting yourself. I mean after this you will probably get banned. So, I'd request you to please stop man and let's wait for whisper. Whisper I think it's time for u to take this case seriously. (6:29 PM 27-07-2017)       DR.AHMADINEJAD: keep deleting my proofs noname thats what you good at (6:29 PM 27-07-2017)       DR.AHMADINEJAD: Don’t worry . Its alirght if they ban me from the website. atleast im exposing Mr hacker for players .and keep in mind guys that this guy is keep deleting my comments so half of them is only appears here .and he deleted the bellow messages like 7 times now . (6:29 PM 27-07-2017)       DR.AHMADINEJAD: I suggest everybody to watch this picture as you referred to player or admin being guilty and take a look at the comments of this picture  .I will take things more further if you keep generate new 2017 lies. (6:28 PM 27-07-2017)        [click to chat / post a photo]

Dubai Play Time invites everyone to the world of online counter-strike 1.6 gaming. We pledge to revive and maintain good-old-days counter-strike's gaming experience and promise to keep our server online as long as there is demand for this popular game. Whether you're a starter or expert, you will always have a place in our server.

You can always visit this website to get the server's IP Address. Feel free to navigate through the sections of this website via the links visible above. Enjoy your time :)

Whisper & the admins.

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