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[W]-RaNgLeR_*: @MADN3SS KILL3R; ive deleted all your spam. next time you do anything like that ill make sure an action is taken against you and it wont matter whatever you spam. Goodluck. *bye* (4:54 AM 22-01-2017)       7aZoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoM,: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D madness go sleep , your behave very bad (12:14 AM 22-01-2017)       7aZoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoM,: u dont have school ? go sleep dudu (12:13 AM 22-01-2017)       7aZoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoM,: madness go sleep ,,*bye* (12:11 AM 22-01-2017)       THE_DASHER: tbh even i dont wanna make mess with chats , i love being friendly too, but the problem arises when some people in a match between some good friends points out some very small thing and make it serious ... we all were enjoying there .. knifing admins , laughing etc ... then idk why he ia being like "destroying the server" (11:38 PM 21-01-2017)       . . . cLassic . . .: Dasher, when you are guarding the bomb, this is part of the game. when you hear enemy coming and you waiting him, this is part of the game. when you waiting back up, this is part of the game. part of the game is when you trying to save a weapon. but when you guys in T team start party somewhere in balcony or on the rock, i dont think that this is part of the game. do what ever you want of course, just keep in mind that acting like this you set people against you. (no offens, tallking friendly) (11:25 PM 21-01-2017)       THE_DASHER: Mr. Muhammad Faiq Siddiqui aka ICONV!CT , i hope i am clear *bye* (8:56 PM 21-01-2017)       THE_DASHER: Please read Rule no. 5 , according to which camping is allowed "sometimes" .. and that moment in inferno was a "sometime" moment for me. (8:45 PM 21-01-2017)       THE_DASHER: I hope i'm clear Sir ! If camping wasn't the part of game , everyone would have been getting bans for "camping" or "destroying the server" (8:32 PM 21-01-2017)       THE_DASHER: And to knife , you just cannot Rush in the middle of map thinking that u r invincible. You must Camp and wait for your opponent to rush in your conqured area and then stab him to death. "THE_DASHER is literally destroying the server" by camping ? i dont know whether i should laugh or feel pity on your planying sense. (8:30 PM 21-01-2017)        [click to chat / post a photo]

Dubai Play Time invites everyone to the world of online counter-strike 1.6 gaming. We pledge to revive and maintain good-old-days counter-strike's gaming experience and promise to keep our server online as long as there is demand for this popular game. Whether you're a starter or expert, you will always have a place in our server.

You can always visit this website to get the server's IP Address. Feel free to navigate through the sections of this website via the links visible above. Enjoy your time :)

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